Learn to Save, Learn to Earn

Learn to Save, Learn to Earn

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Learn to Save, Learn to Earn

New Website is Coming Soon...

" A College degree will cost $500,000 in 18 years"

"Price Of College Increasing Almost 8 Times Faster Than Wages"

Better Savings Options Are Needed for Future Education

Rising cost due to education inflation
Insignificant and meaningless education savings interest rate (0.63%~1.71%)
Risky investment options due to market volatility
SAYVE Saving

High Interest Saving

Up to 15% APY - the highest rate among any currently available education savings plan*
Frictionless - No KYC required for sign up, no minimum deposit required, withdraw anytime
Sustainable and Safe - True decentralized savings with insurance protection against technical failures and threats
* Long-term 15% APY, over 5-18 years, no minimum deposit required


Powered by Artificial Intelligence
Farm tokens as you improve language speaking skills
Stake for stakers-exclusive NFT and real-life rewards
Terranaut Jumpstart


Terranaut Jumpstart is powered by Pylon Gateway. Its mission is to cultivate early entrepreneurship skills for young students. Stakers will be eligible to gain access to additional real-life rewards such as Scholarship opportunities and bonus educational perks

Sayve Works

Create an account
one click sign-up
Deposit money
Start enjoying HIGH APY
Activate L2E
Enable your L2E account for children to use
Learn languages
Read, Write, Speak in your desired language for improvement
Earn Sayve Tokens
Achievements and rewards!
Deposit or Stake
For Scholarship, NFT badges, and other real-world educational perks


What is Sayve token? What does it do?

SAYVE is the native utility token for Sayve Protocol, a high-yield savings plan dedicated to creating value in education. The protocol rewards users with SAYVE tokens for their commitment to learning. You can trade, stake, and exchange tokens for various incentives and real-life perks.

MemberStack charges a flat transaction fee of 10% on the Startup plan and 3% on the Pro plan, and 1% on the Scale plan. Stripe charges an additional credit card processing fee that depends on a few different factors. See Stripe's pricing for more details.

Why do we use Sayve when we can just use Anchor that offers a better APY?

It is our belief in offering all users safe and easy-to-use experiences, as Sayve’s target customer will be the non-crypto crowd that knows nothing about blockchain and google extension. The hurdle of installing chrome extension and executing smart contracts alone will most likely cause unpleasant and discouraging user experiences. Moreover these technical barriers can also make average users susceptible to other possible scams and phishing attacks. It is our job to shield our users away from technical challenges and potential fraud threats.
We also aim to deliver a unique saving experience with our reward designs - users will be able to farm their tokens by honing their language skills and use the tokens to gain exclusive access to a wide range of benefits and perks.

Will insurance be available?

Yes. Currently there are Unslashed, Nexus Mutual, InsurAce, Bridge Mutual available for protection against UST depg and smart contract failures

Will users use their Terra Station app to use the platform?

Our official version will be targeting non-crypto users, where they log in through mobile apps with user name, password and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). However, the initial alpha and beta versions will be positioned for the Terra community and crypto crowd.

How does the SAYVE token gain value in price?

The SAYVE token gains value in price through its extensive rewards for its stakers. Beyond the internal buyback and redistribution mechanism, the token stakers receive perks in the ecosystem that can translate into real-life values. For example, scholarships, opportunities to launch projects on Terranaut Jumpstart, access to hard-to-get events and learning activities, exclusive access to trips and camps, etc. 

Who’s the real user? The parents or their children?

Both the parents and children are active users of the Sayve ecosystem. There will be two apps, a parent app that controls and oversees the savings account and a children’s app for accessing the L2E and Terranaut. Parents can also monitor and manage the child’s activity on the Sayve apps (L2E and Terranaut).
The child has access to the L2E app where they can study and earn tokens. 

What are some of the perks that the reward pool offers stakers of the token?

Scholarships, NFT badges, exclusive trips, beta testing access to partner’s EdTech products, private courses, sought after training from mentors and tutors.

What advantage do I get by using Sayve’s Terranaut Jumpstart over posting a project directly on Pylon Gateway?

Pylon gateway will target Terra savvy users that are familiar with UST and terra station apps. Terranaut will be a template-based, easy crowdfunding website for children to raise funds for their projects. Being built on Pylon, this funding option will be available to both Terra community members as well as Sayve community members through their Sayve accounts.

What is the total supply of tokens?

10B tokens, of which 3B will be minted at the genesis and 1B will be available via pylon launchpad

When do we get our tokens?

The tokens will be distributed to both Pylon Swap and Pylon Pools.If you participate in the pylon swap, they will be available shortly after TGE
For Pylon pool, we will have 3 pools - 6, 9 and 18 months, where tokens can be claimed starting 3, 6 and 12 months respectively

What is the Learn-To-Earn feature? How is AI helping users learn language?

The Learn-to-Earn feature utilizes our proprietary A.I technology in speech recognition. The AI is a deep-learning based model trained on thousands of hours of data. Our A.I is capable of assessing your language speaking skills and providing you with a comprehensive feedback based on your pronunciation, intonation, speed, and grammar. We are currently working with our education partners to develop corresponding curriculums in different languages to be used in learn-to-earn

How many languages will be available?

We will provide English, Chinese, and Korean in the initial phase. And gradually releasing other major languages - Spanish, Japanese, French, German, etc.
If users are interested in adding a new language i.e., Thai, they can submit a governance proposal to whitelist the language.

Who is Sayve?

The core team consists of MBA's, a lawyer,  a scientist, 2 ML engineers, and a Blockchain developer. The team brings years of successful experience in AI and Education domain with a recent exit by acquisition through a leading silicon valley children’s robotics company. They have built numerous award-winning educational apps and AI services that have been used by Qualcomm, Huawei, Nickelodeon, LG and many more.

Will I get into ivy league school with Sayve?

Academic achievement requires a lot of individual efforts and determination. Sayve’s goal is to help you stay focused and better use your time by reducing the financial pressure for you. But we do have a plan to help students strengthen their applications in multiple aspects, including integrating a partner’s platform that helps international students with their US college applications.


Pylon Gateway Pool Launch
Alpha Demo L2E
Early March
Pylon Swap IDO
March 2022
Beta Testing Launch
Children's Day 2022
Official Launch
(Crypto community)
Summer Vacation 2022
Terranaut Jumpstart
Pylon Gateway Integration
Halloween 2022
Global Launch
(Mobile apps, targeting non-crypto community)

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